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North Bay Ride

A picture paints a thousand words…

We may not be able to share all the details from our ride, but I hope these photos will tell you how much fun we had on the road! Not all of us are able to participate in every single ride, so pictures give us a glimpse of the things that transpired during these rides – the joy of riding together, the struggle of climbing up a hill, the beauty of nature, etc.

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Things I appreciate about Bike for Bibles
Things I appreciate about Bike for Bibles
Raymond Chin - Rider
Working as a team
Working as a team
Rick Roorda - Rider
Highlights of our ride
Highlights of our ride
Bryant Mah - Volunteer (Photographer)
Re-creating the B4B experience
Re-creating the B4B experience
Jim Bosma - Rider
A memorable first ride
A memorable first ride
Jennifer Tracy - B4B Rider
A rewarding experience
A rewarding experience
Ontario Rider
Canada experience
Lenny (Leendert) vanderLugt - B4B Rider
Blessed over and over again
Klaas Slagter - B4B Rider
An incredible experience
Allison Yee - B4B Roadie
I appreciate:
  • The diversity of expression of people in the group that represents the body of Christ, each fulfilling its unique role and calling.
  • The microcosm of life's journey that the week together riding represents.
  • The enrichment of experience brought to us through the connections of some "old hands".
  • Space for reflection, contemplation and sharing during the ride and afterwards on this forum
  • Hearing from people here on this forum has been wonderful! Would like to see even more space for that in the future.
  • That God is with us, abiding with each of us.
  • The extravagant love of God!
I had a very good time on my first Bike4Bibles ride. It was neat to see all working together. That is my strong point. I like getting to know lots of new people… the roads that we used were very good… lots of food… breckey, lunch, dinner… all good times. I missed one day ride, but it worked out good anyways. I had a fun time at the fair. It was good to help others learn how to ride in groups of more than two and how much it means to work as a team. It was good to hear that everyone from the motorcycling accident is doing good and all will make it. It was a good thing we were there - God sent.
Highlights during our week-long ride:
  • Always is meeting everyone again
  • Of course cycling together and enjoying the scenery
  • Having fun and lots of laughs along the way
  • Roadies were the best ever – Moira did an excellent job, she was very aware of all the cyclists and makes good judgment calls, she is a definite keeper!! Potential to be head roadie.
  • Adventure of where we are going to stay at end of each cycling day
  • Having people like Rob and Moira join up
The roadies did a great job of providing for all of us. Thank you roadies, the food was always great. You also did a great job of adjusting to the needs of the group. You worked hard in the evenings preparing and woke up extra early to make breakfast. It was so great to see people work together and care for one another. Some examples were the strong riders helping others up hills, people helping to fix bikes for others, words of encouragement to others, Derek stopping and helping the crash victim, and people (Humans) sharing their possessions (home, vehicles) for everyone's benefit. I was so blessed to have had this opportunity and to meet all of you, and to be baptized along the way. Thank you so much everyone for the kind words of encouragement that you wrote to me in the agenda book. It is a special book for me because of the words in it and the special people who wrote them. You are all very encouraging. I really desire to ride with B4B next year!!
Jeannette and I had a wonderful time on B4B this year, and loved it so much we wanted to re-create the cycling experience by cycling home from Edmonton (130 km). Unfortunately, once we arrived at home we had to cook, and clean up, and do chores. etc. – all the things we didn't have to do on B4B! We were exhausted. I loved the route, the scenery, the direction of the loop, the food, the accommodations, the worship time at night, the great people on the trip, the way the leaders directed things, and the support (medical, technical--bike mechanics, etc.) …Maybe we will see you again on next year's ride.
My week of biking with B4B last summer was my first group biking experience. And I'd be willing to do it again! For the first few days my husband and I biked by ourselves, in between the slower and the faster groups. We enjoyed the scenery and time together. At meals and rest stops we gradually got to know the other cyclists. After I took a tumble over my handlebars I was well cared for. One person straightened out my bike on the spot. That evening someone else gave me a massage and muscle relaxant. Later in the week, after I mentioned my lower gears were giving me trouble, someone smoothed them into good working order. When we hit a windy day, I asked to be taught how to draught. Oh, what a relief that was! My husband and I got to know a lot of generous, skilled, caring, fun people. We enjoyed good food at meal and break times provided by a variety of churches. We saw a lovely part of Ontario. Our road crew prevented us from getting lost on a myriad of twists and turns. We started off each day with a scripture reading to fuel us and finished each day learning a bit more about the Canadian Bible Society and all it does. Thanks B4B for a memorable time.
The time of fellowship with other people and the experience of seeing parts of Ontario that I had not been too before… meeting the people at the various stopovers and layovers was really neat. To be able to participate in the fund raiser for Bibles is rewarding even in the small way that I was able to help.
Bike for Bibles changed my Canada trip in a positive way. When I first arrived in the country, I didn’t have a lot of friends; I had no stable work and was by myself most of the time, so it was quite difficult to learn the language. After Bike for Bibles I gained a lot of friends and found work. I also think that my English has improved greatly. (Click here to read Lenny's story)
Ever since the first kilometers I rode with the “Bike for Bibles” during the Centennial ride in 2006 I have been blessed over and over again by participating in one or more local Ontario rides every year from then on. Again this year I plan to sign up for a few rides to experience great Christian fellowship with riders, support staff (roadies), hosting church communities and sponsors. All of these people have enriched my life, strengthened my faith and contributed to raising funds for Canadian Bible Society projects to translate, print and distribute Gods word  while enjoying my favorite past time, riding a bicycle. So bicycle riders and soon to be riders what is holding you back?
My time serving with Bike for Bibles last summer as a roadie was an incredible experience. I truly enjoyed the fellowship with people from all across the world. Most of all, I was inspired and encouraged by the sacrifice and pain the entire team endured all for a common purpose: to serve and love the people traumatized from the Rwandan Genocide just as Christ loves us. It was amazing to see a united effort from bicyclists, roadies, sponsors, and churches who hosted us. It was all by the grace of Christ that this could be possible. Biking around 700 kilometers in the intense heat and joyfully serving all day is no easy task. We all had to rely on the strength and provision of Christ. We became a family, and we supported each other. I was happy to dedicate my time as a roadie, serving others and learning what it means to love others as Christ loves me.