FEATURED RIDER: Betty Adam – Over 25,000 kms covered for B4B!

Betty Adam is one tough lady! In all her years riding for Bike for Bibles (B4B) since 1997, she has cycled approximately 25,000 kms and raised thousands of dollars in support of Canadian Bible Society’s various Bible translation and distribution initiatives in Canada and around the world!

Betty recalls, “My first ride was in 1997 and I cycled for B4B for 15 consecutive years, including across Canada for the Centennial Tour in 2006.”

Betty took a break from B4B for three years to support other charities, however, she always returns to Bike for Bibles. “I am drawn to Bike for Bibles as I have made many wonderful friends over the years,” she shares. “I love the camaraderie in ‘camp’ as we sleep and eat in churches as well as the evening meetings/services.”

Like other week-long cyclists, Betty prepares for the ride weeks ahead. Her training includes cycling approximately 2,000 kms in advance of the ride. She also says, “Before the ride, I make sure that my bike has new parts and is fully tuned.” 

For those riding for the first time, Betty encourages them to “Register first!” She also advises: “You will find instant friendship, spiritual growth, and help on the road. The team always has a road captain who is also very helpful. This year’s B4B ride is along a usually hot and hilly route. The distances are challenging, but we enjoy regular rest stops along the way.  A first-time cyclist will definitely want to train hard including riding several consecutive long-distance days.”

Betty also appreciates the spiritual benefits she receives from B4B. “I have grown spiritually in some way on every tour. God always teaches me new things, usually to do with relationships with people who might be quite different in personality from mine. It seems as though I haven’t learned the lesson well enough yet – even after cycling for Christian charities for 22 consecutive years – as I still learn new things every time I come back for another ride.”


Join Betty this year by registering to ride for the AB/BC Rocky Mountain Ride.


  1. I am so pleased Betty Adam is still riding BFB. I would live to get in touch with her again!
    Sandy(Martyn) Thomas.

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