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Helping at-risk youth realize the power of God’s love

This year, Bike for Bibles will raise funds to help make God’s Word available for at-risk youth in Canada.

Youth centre workers and group leaders have identified a need for resources and programs that will help meet the emotional, mental and spiritual health needs of at-risk youth. Your participation and fundraising efforts will help provide the tools and guidance that will enable these Canadian youth to develop the skills necessary to live meaningful, productive lives – lives as children of God.

Help share God’s love with a youth at-risk today.

Join Bike for Bibles to raise funds for the Bible ministry.

Make a gift to help make God’s Word accessible to those who need it most.

Got questions?

For enquiries, please contact us:

Email: bike4bibles@biblesociety.ca
Telephone: 1-800-465-2425

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