B4B cyclist wins 3 gold medals at the BC senior games

Great news! One of our faithful B4B cyclists, Frank Mierau, won three gold medals at the Senior Games in British Columbia. Below he shares about this wonderful experience. I entered [...]

Great news! One of our faithful B4B cyclists, Frank Mierau, won three gold medals at the Senior Games in British Columbia. Below he shares about this wonderful experience.

Frank_BCGames1I entered the games back in May. I was very fortunate to be able to ride in the B4Bs on the first week in August. That will really set me up to ride in the Senior games.

The cycling started on August 22nd, Thursday at 10:30 am. I did not know what to expect, so I entered the games with some trepidation. I found out it wasn’t so bad after all, and really lots of fun. Very nice people there. My son and my grandson where there as well.

There were three of us in our age category, 80-84. So we were guaranteed a medal, but just which one was the big question.

The time trial was the first. I was in the middle of the other two men. So when the guy took off I thought all I have to do is catch him and all is well. I saw him quite early and finally caught him just after a steep downhill. This area was not flat, but had some good hills to it. I even got up to 63 km/hr. It was 14kms round trip. I did it in 29:01:81 mins. I thought I could do better than that. But I did beat them both and got gold.

The road race was Friday at 10:30 am again. Our age group were required to do only two laps, 28kms. So we started in a group of around 20 or so and soon separated. The stronger ones went ahead and the weaker ones behind and I was pretty well left alone. That was fine. I went flat out after about a quarter of the way. I beat my time from Thursday on the first lap, but the second lap took a little longer. It was a fairly demanding run, not flat at all. But I did get gold again. My time was 58:29 mins. I was wondering if I was able to actually get another gold tomorrow on the hill climb?

Frank_BCGames2Saturday morning we gathered at 7am at the Thompson Rivers University (TRU). We parked our cars there on top of the hill and rode our bikes to the bottom of the hill. This hill was 6 – 8%, 2.7 Ks. My time out was 8:24. It had a fairly level spot about half ways. That’s where I caught the guy ahead of me. I did it in 13:16:11 Min. My daughter, Diana from Penticton, my granddaughter, Jenny from Calgary, were at the top along with my son, Doug, and daughter-in-law, Elly, and nieces, Erica, and Shanna. I got gold again for that run. Wow! Three golds; hard to believe it!

It was a great three days for me, but when I look back, I would do some things differently. I found out that I really could have gone flat out on all the rides and increased my time on each race. Hind sight is 20/20 of course.

The other thing I want to say is: these seniors from 55 to 85 are incredibly fit people. They are all slim and in very good shape. I was so impressed with them. But then so are we in the Bike for Bibles rides! They are also very nice people. The other thing I do want to add is, my wife Colleen is so supportive in all the cycling I do. I am very grateful to her in all of this. She was with me in all my races. That was great!

I thank my Lord who gives me this strength. We are made in a fearful and wonderful way. (Psalm 139.14). And also, I can do all things in Christ Jesus who strengthens me. (Philippians 4.13)

Next ride is in Langley, and I have family there so no excuse not to take it in next year.



  1. Way to go, Frank !!

    1. My Daughter Jenny and I were so excited to be there and see the joy on my Dads face as he crossed the finish line for a 3rd gold medal!!! It left me feeling so proud and truly inspired by him……thanks Dad I love you

  2. Fred and Elaine Wutzke

    Congratulations Frank! You worked hard for this and you really deserve the 3 gold medals. We are proud to know a gold medalist!!!

  3. Jim and Jeannette Bosma

    You are a real inspiration Frank.

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