B4B 2015 – Day7 – Finally… Vancouver!

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Daniel Loucks loves the outdoors and often blogs about his adventures. He joined the Bike for Bibles (B4B) Centennial Ride in 2006 (which took cyclists from Vancouver, BC to St John’s, NL) but only went as far as Canmore, Alberta. In 2015, Daniel returned to B4B, this time as a roadie and photographer. In this blog series, Daniel gives us a glimpse of what transpires during a week-long ride, through the eyes of a roadie. 

August 8, 2015

From the church in Gibsons out to the ferry terminal, it was an easy 5km ride, ending with a long, glorious descent to the ocean. As we did the previous day, we left town before the roosters crowed in order to catch the first boat into the city. This was the day that we roadies were perhaps most worried about because of logistics and riders’ safety, but it turned out to be unwarranted, thankfully. In fact, the riders were split into four groups led by a cyclist who were familiar with the route through Vancouver, and had no trouble whatsoever, while at least two roadie crews made ‘navigational errors’!

The 45-minute ferry to the city was arguably the most spectacularly scenic of the four ferries that we took, despite being the shortest. The first three cruises were merely beautiful trips.

Bicycling through the City of Vancouver was less problematic that the roadies thought it might be. Here we were concerned about our riders getting lost when at least two of the support crews (including myself) got, ahem, turned around. The cyclists knew exactly where they were going, thanks to four guides who regularly commute through the city by bicycle.

Before we knew it, we arrived at the end of the route, at Tapestry Church in Richmond. This was where many of us had gathered seven days earlier, and where we ended off with a farewell luncheon and then continued along our separate paths. The end of the ride is always bittersweet. People return to their lives and only occasionally manage to remain in touch with new friends.

But what a wonderful week we had just participated in! There was one major injury, a fractured collarbone with bruised ribs and a rather serious road rash to one of our cyclists. However, we were grateful because she could have easily been injured far worse. The short ride up to Campbell River from Courtenay was a brutal day thanks to the cold temperature and steady rain, and there was that chaotic morning through the Nanaimo area.

Despite these, the scenery and the weather were fabulous, the chemistry between the entire group were unusually strong and cohesive, and the week flew by much too quickly.

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Dan lives in Kitchener, ON. As a true outdoor enthusiast, Dan does not miss an opportunity to visit new places and see new things. He shares about his experiences on his blog site, The Lily Dipper.

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