B4B 2015 – Day 5 – Across to Powell River

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Daniel Loucks loves the outdoors and often blogs about his adventures. He joined the Bike for Bibles (B4B) Centennial Ride in 2006 (which took cyclists from Vancouver, BC to St John’s, NL) but only went as far as Canmore, Alberta. In 2015, Daniel returned to B4B, this time as a roadie and photographer. In this blog series, Daniel gives us a glimpse of what transpires during a week-long ride, through the eyes of a roadie.

August 6, 2015

After consecutive century-mile days for the riders – and a brief but cold and rainy ride into Campbell River – we headed out of town south to the ferry at Comox, with a couple of turns and then followed the South Island Highway for about 40 km down the east coast of Vancouver Island to the ferry.

I needed an easy day myself.  I left the big Baptist Church that we had stayed at and followed the road straight out of town to a T-bone intersection, where I was to point the bikers down the hill towards the ocean, and not the other way, towards the interior. It was a crisp, delightful morning, with a terrific sunrise to the east, and a laid-back 6 point buck a couple hundred yards to the west, who hung out there for about an hour.

img_9638This is the proverbial selfie, and yes, I know that is a funny hat! This farmland looks terrific, and those mountains in the background are, like the rest of the province, very picturesque. In the background is the Beaufort Range of the Vancouver Island Ranges. On Monday, we had come through the Seymour Range on the way to Duncan. And this afternoon we would arrive in the heart of the Insular Mountains, which includes the Island Ranges and runs along the Sunshine Coast.

The ferry across the Strait of Georgia to Powell River was pretty nice. What it lacked in scenery (not really lacking, but it is all relative in BC!), it made up for in camaraderie. We had meshed extraordinarily (or supernaturally?) well. At this time, we had our head roadie, Roger, back, along with the previously injured cyclist and another rider, Maris.

Photo: Don and Sandy

Don and Sandy met a few years ago during a B4B tour and apparently hit it off rather well. They are now happily married! They are certainly not the first couple to meet during a B4B event. I know of at least two other couples who have met this way. Hopefully, this will remain a great place to meet future spouses!

Powell River is a pretty cool place. It has this laid-back vibe to it, and we were able to spend a good deal of the afternoon kibitzing around town. The waterfront is nice, with a park full of giant Douglas Fir and Red Cedar, much bigger than anything we have here in Ontario.  Bald eagles are a common sight, unlike in southern Ontario. Harwood Island and Texada Islands provide a magnificent backdrop for the ocean.’

Some of us went down to the waterfront to explore the shops and parks. And as we were walking out of a parking lot up the steep driveway Andrew put his very dry sense of humour on display: he started zigzagging his way up the hill. Unless you were not a cyclist, you might have missed the joke, which is that he was imitating the way many cyclists on the road/touring bikes climb steep hills. Me being a mountain bike rider (with slick tires for roads, not trails), I could just power straight up the hill in the lowest, ‘granny’ gear. So I really enjoyed that particular joke.


Day 5 - At the ferry dock   Day 5 - Crossing the Strait of Georgia   Day 5 - Crossing the Strait of Georgia   Day 5 - Evening in Powell River   Day 5 - Evening in Powell River   Day 5 - Evening in Powell River   Day 5 - Evening in Powell River

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Dan lives in Kitchener, ON. As a true outdoor enthusiast, Dan does not miss an opportunity to visit new places and see new things. He shares about his experiences on his blog site, The Lily Dipper.

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